About Us

Avondale Foods is an established business which specialises in the supply of ingredients to the trade. From small to large bakeries, wholesalers and manufacturers, Avondale offers a high standard of both service and quality.

Established in 1995, Avondale Foods has expanded from a small company manufacturing apple for a limited clientele to a going concern providing apple products Australia wide.

Our Mission

Avondale Foods objective is to provide our customers with a quality product, free of any extraneous matter, to improve, research and develop new products, and offer better packaging methods to assist in more efficient bakery management.

Our Vision

Avondale Foods is inspired to strive towards the future by offering advanced processing and improved services whilst retaining the old fashioned values previously exhibited.

Our Core Values

  • Accountability for our actions and products.
  • Collaborating outside and within the company to ensure we do our best.
  • Commitment to the supply and service required to deliver a quality product.
  • Being efficient and effective in our approach to providing the best solution every time.
  • Enjoying what we do and celebrating small successes on our journey to greater achievements.